Location Sound Recordist

As a Location Sound Recordist, it is my job to help you tell your story by capturing the best possible sound.

Every moving image is enhanced by the addition of sound, and when someone is telling a story, you want to be able to hear what they have to say. Crisp, clear dialogue is the main focus of my job, but when you want to be immersed, that's only one part of the sonic tapestry. The atmosphere of a location you're filming to supplement the interview, the sound effects of the actions performed for b-roll; they're all important when it comes to options in the edit, and being able to convey just how you want the audience to feel it helped by recording how that story sounds.

Sound Editor

From splicing together takes to form crystal clear lines of dialogue, to manipulating everyday sounds into powerful storytelling effects, my role as a sound editor will help take your project to the next level. From subtle to bombastic, every layer of audio edited together contributes to telling your story. 

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