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I grew up loving sound (and creating a fair amount so I'm told), listening to music, imitating sounds I heard around me or on the TV, and strangely enough, mimicking people's footsteps. I was fascinated by the bombastic sound effects in films, the cavernous reverb of churches, and every little detail that helped characterise something or someone. It was the latter that made me know I wanted to work in this industry; being able to help tell a story through the use (or withdrawal) of sound sent my brain into overdrive with ideas, and the need to try and recreate them.

With my creative drive and attention to detail, I set off into the world of sound with the objective of helping people tell their story. Taking an extra few moments on set to save hours in post and shaping characters with my feet has lead me to be part of many award-winning films in and around Manchester. Showing at festivals around the world, from the Cannes Court Métrage to BAFTA recognised Aesthetica, my journey working with ambitious directors and other idea-rich creatives is in its infancy.

If you've got an idea you want to discuss, or a story you want to tell, send me a message and we'll explore it together.

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